Support Services

Preventive maintenance (contract basis), Repair of fault machines, processing warranty and Smartnet services, system performance reports, server configurations, data backup solutions, antivirus installations, maintenance are some of services we do run to ensure that our client’s infrastructure is always up and running.

Why Support Services are necessary:
In current scenario irrespective of the nature of your business connectivity through internet, intranets etc has become a must. The connectivity also calls for active network / system monitoring and secure IT infrastructure setup to ensure complete security from possible threats.

The key to effective security is effective manual as well as technology collaboration. SBS’ Secure IT Structure and Application Management service aims to ensure business continuity; conformity, and protection from financial loss. Our experienced professionals, state-of-the-art security and Server Management Service solutions collaboratively provide comprehensive protection.

We understand the importance and value of information. In today’s world of cutthroat competition securing information is a mammoth task. Professionals at SBS have been managing and monitoring magnitude of networks across the country. Vast pool of knowledge gained by hands on experience helps us to keep abreast and informed about latest IT security and system breakdown threats.

We surely get you running, and keep you secured seamlessly.
Our service Catalogue also includes: Networking, Hardware and Consultancy Services.